Wouldn't it be great to be able to...

  • Get a count of physical DVDs in your collection?
  • Search for an actor and find out not only which TV shows they were on, but which episodes?
  • Find any profiles missing a Country of Origin?
  • Find the top 10 actors in your collection? Or directors? Or composers?
  • Find any profiles that don't have a production year entered? Or how about any profiles that don't have cast or crew entered?
  • Get a count of profiles broken down by aspect ratio or case type or audio track format?
  • Find any discs that don't have a disc ID assigned?
  • Search all overviews for multiple keywords?
  • Find bad names in your cast or crew entries?
  • Find any profiles missing cover scans? Or covers scans smaller than dimensions of your choosing?

Now you can do all that and a whole lot more!

What is Database Query?

Database Query is a combination of two different ideas. The first was to create a plug-in that would provide some fun statistics about your collection. The other idea was a plug-in that would analyze your database and assist you in finding bad or potentially bad data for cleanup.

Soon after starting the first project, I realized that these two ideas could easily be combined into a single plug-in that performed both tasks as the same time.

Main features

With Database Query you can...

  • Perform some type of query on every field in the database.
  • There's an option to set filters, so you can perform queries on just the data you're interested in.
  • You can easily change the font and font size to make viewing easier.
  • Customize many different options on the Options screen.
  • If you get a list of profiles you'd like to change, you can save them as a Flag Set for later editing.
  • Double click on a title to open the edit window. Any change made there will be reflected in the plug-in.
  • Hover over a title to get a popup with basic information about that title.
  • It's interface is almost identical to DVD Profiler's Edit Profile window, so finding the fields you're after should be easy.
  • Filters, options and other data are saved and loaded the next time you run the plug-in.
  • There are many tooltips scattered throughout the various part of the program (like Filters and options for example). So if something is a little confusing, just hover your mouse over it for a second or so to get help.