The Flash: Season 5
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Season 5 finds Barry Allen and his new wife, Iris West, finally settling into married life when they're visited by Nora West-Allen, their speedster daughter from the future. Nora's arrival brings to light the legacy every member of Team Flash will leave years from now, causing many to question who they are today. And while Nora idolizes Barry, she holds a mysterious grudge against Iris. As Team Flash adjusts to the next generation of speedster, they discover Nora's presence has triggered the arrival of the most ruthless, vicious and relentless villain they have ever faced: Cicada! All 24 action-packed episodes are here as The Flash, with help from friends and family, manages to fight metahuman threats and save the world...time and time again.

1. Nora
2. Blocked
3. The Death of Vibe
4. News Flash
5. All Doll'd Up
6. The Icicle Cometh
7. O Come, All Ye Thankful
8. What's Past Is Prologue
9. Elseworlds: Part 1
9. Elseworlds: Part 2 (Arrow S07E09)
9. Elseworlds: Part 3 (Supergirl S04E09)
10. The Flash & the Furious
11. Seeing Red
12. Memorabilia
13. Goldfaced
14. Cause and XS
15. King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd
16. Failure Is an Orphan
17. Time Bomb
18. Godspeed
19. Snow Pack
20. Gone Rogue
21. The Girl With the Red Lightning
22. Legacy
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The Flash: Season 5
The Flash: Season 5
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