Supernatural: Season 13
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Most families celebrate the miraculous arrival of a bundle of joy. But for brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, a newborn babe in their world is no cause for celebration. Now when the child is Jack, son of Lucifer. This young Nephilim roams the world with no idea of who or what he is and what havoc he can wreak, causing no small amount of tension between the brothers as they try to figure out what to do with him. Unfortunately, Castiel is out of reach and their mom, Mary, is trapped in an apocalyptic world with Lucifer. The guys will need more than a miracle to reunite their family...and to save the world from Lucifer again. Maybe they'll get lucky in one of Season Thirteen's 23 thrilling, suspenseful adventures.

1. Lost and Found
2. The Rising Son
3. Patience
4. The Big Empty
5. Advanced Thanatology
6. Tombstone
7. War of the Worlds
8. The Scorpion and the Frog
9. The Bad Place
10. Wayward Sisters
11. Breakdown
12. Various & Sundry Villains
13. Devil's Bargain
14. Good Intentions
15. A Most Holy Man
16. ScoobyNatural
17. The Thing
18. Bring'em Back Alive
19. Funeralia
20. Unfinished Business
21. Beat the Devil
22. Exodus
23. Let the Good Times Roll
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Supernatural: Season 13
Supernatural: Season 13
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