Lucifer: Season 2
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Released: August 22, 2017
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In Season Two, Lucifer Morningstar and LAPD Detective Chloe Decker are back solving murders on L.A.'s white-hot streets, with their relationship growing deeper, closer and more awkward for them both. To add fuel to the fire, Lucifer's mum, Charlotte, escapes Hell, bringing along a ton of emotional baggage. Now Lucifer and his angel brother Amenadiel – with whom Lucifer has serious sibling issues – must work together to deal with mommy dearest. Meanwhile, Dr. Linda, therapist and confidante to Lucifer, Amenadiel and Maze, is having a devil of a time doling out some of the most bizarre advice ever. Tensions (including the sexual kind) are sizzling in all 18 frighteningly fun, frivolous adventures. Welcome to Devil time!

1. Everything's Coming Up Lucifer
2. Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire
3. Sin-Eater
4. Lady Parts
5. The Weaponizer
6. Monster
7. My Little Monkey
8. Trip To Stabby Town
9. Homewrecker
10. Quid Pro Ho
11. Stewardess Interruptus
12. Love Handles
13. A Good Day To Die
14. Candy Morningstar
15. Deceptive Little Parasite
16. God Johnson
17. Sympathy For The Goddess
18. The Good, The Bad And The Crispy
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Lucifer: Season 2
Lucifer: Season 2
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