The Big Bang Theory: Season 9
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Earth's climate changes are nothing compared to the quantum relationship shifts among the scientifically brainy but socially zany characters of the comedy megahit The Big Bang Theory. Lovebirds Leonard and Penny's impetuous Las Vegas wedding hits a speed bump as the guileless groom's bad timing with a prenuptial confession nearly puts a stitch in their hitch. Uberrational Sheldon and romantically minded Amy invalidate their "Relationship Agreement" – but the laws of attraction bring them back together, along with an unexpected birthday surprise. Howard and Bernadette shakily evolve into the next phase of their ongoing marriage experiment: pending parenthood. Perennial single guy Raj experiences a Valentine's Day to remember, wrestling over his attraction to – and dubious juggling skills with – two attentive gal pals. Indeed, there are so many volatile elements in the air – including the infusion of would-be beaux, a dose of Stuart-separation syndrome, a feisty Meemaw visit and a climactic convergence of parental overkill – that all 24 Season Nine episodes will set you spinning out of orbit with hilarity and abandon.

1. The Matrimonial Momentum
2. The Separation Oscillation
3. The Bachelor Party Corrosion
4. The 2003 Approximation
5. The Perspiration Implementation
6. The Helium Insufficiency
7. The Spock Resonance
8. The Mystery Date Observation
9. The Platonic Permutation
10. The Earworm Reverberation
11. The Opening Night Excitation
12. The Sales Call Sublimation
13. The Empathy Optimization
14. The Meemaw Materialization
15. The Valentino Submergence
16. The Positive Negative Reaction
17. The Celebration Experimentation
18. The Application Deterioration
19. The Solder Excursion Diversion
20. The Big Bear Precipitation
21. The Viewing Party Combustion
22. The Fermentation Bifurcation
23. The Line Substitution Solution
24. The Convergence Convergence
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The Big Bang Theory: Season 9
The Big Bang Theory: Season 9
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