2 Broke Girls: Season 4
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Cupcake stores are crumbling all over Brooklyn, so low-rent entrepreneurs and BFFs Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) must whip up new ways to keep their business budding. The girls try designing trendy tees, only to learn that the fashion industry is as fickle as the bakery biz! New side gigs in a chic Manhattan restaurant bring a few more bucks their way, as well as a few hookups and opportunities to make new friends. But no matter how broke these two girls get, the diner gang is there to lend a hand or crack a joke. You're in for a tasty treat with all 22 delicious Season Four episodes!

1. And the Reality Problem
2. And the DJ Face
3. And the Childhood Not Included
4. And the Old Bike Yarn
5. And the Brand Job
6. And the Model Apartment
7. And a Loan for Christmas
8. And the Fun Factory
9. And the Past and the Furious
10. And the Move-In Meltdown
11. And the Crime Ring
12. And the Knock Off Knock Out
13. And the Great Unwashed
14. And the Cupcake Captives
15. And the Fat Cat
16. And the Zero Tolerance
17. And the High Hook-Up
18. And the Taste Test
19. And the Look of the Irish
20. And the Minor Problem
21. And the Grate Expectations
22. And the Disappointing Unit
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2 Broke Girls: Season 4
2 Broke Girls: Season 4
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