2 Broke Girls: Season 2
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While best friends Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) continue waiting tables in Brooklyn, the future looks bright for their start-up business venture. There's a great review from a famous TV personality, a lucky break in real estate and a surprise influx of cash, resulting in the grand opening of Max's Homemade Cupcakes! But success doesn't happen overnight. There are rats to be dealt with. Plus ex-boyfriends and a new flame. Not to mention long nights packing a pastry gun. And that eviction notice. But great pals at the diner, hearty humor and a heaping spoonful of sarcasm help smooth out all the bumps on the road to riches in all 24 Season Two episodes of the smash hit 2 Broke Girls. Ka-ching!

1. And the Hidden Stash
2. And the Pearl Necklace
3. And the Hold-Up
4. And the Cupcake War
5. And the Pre-Approved Credit Card
6. And the Candy Manwich
7. And the Three Boys with Wood
8. And the Egg Special
9. And the New Boss
10. And the Big Opening
11. And the Silent Partner
12. And the High Holidays
13. And the Bear Truth
14. And Too Little Sleep
15. And the Psychic Shakedown
16. And Just Plane Magic
17. And the Broken Hip
18. And Not-So-Sweet Charity
19. And the Temporary Distraction
20. And the Big Hole
21. And the Worst Selfie Ever
22. And the Extra Work
23. And the Tip Slip
24. And the Window of Opportunity
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2 Broke Girls: Season 2
2 Broke Girls: Season 2
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