Young Justice
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They're an elite fighting force trained by the heroes of the Hall of Justice and sent on covert ops to defend the planet from some of the most powerful super criminals... And they're still teenagers. The first 12 action-packed episodes on three DVDs show how it all began. How Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad are first invited into the Hall of Justice, how they help save Superboy from a genetic lab, and how the recruits crash their new base in Mt. Justice to join forces with some real power girl: Miss Martian and Artemis. As the new team trains together and learn to trust one another – it's not always easy – the heroes take on some serious forces of evil in the form super-powered androids, brainwashed genomorphs, robot monkeys, sorcerers and of course those brilliant-but-mad scientists. These brave heroes are ready to take on the world on their own terms, and the Hall of Justice is taking notice. They may still be teens, but don't call them sidekicks!
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Young Justice
Young Justice
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