The Flash: The Complete Series
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WHO-O-O-O-OSH! The origins and exploits of the crimefighting DC Comics superhero come your way at lightning speed in this 22-episode live-action series. John Wesley Shipp portrays Barry Allen, a police crime technologist endowed with sudden talents after a fluke lab accident. He pledges to use his new powers for good, powers that include ultra-speed reflexes and the ability to vibrate his molecules so rapidly he can pass through solid walls. Amanda Pays is medical researcher Tina McGee, who monitors Allen's accelerated metabolism and guards his secret identity. The Trickster, Captain Cold, the Ghost, mad inventors: Central City is rife with criminals. Now there's a hero to keep pace with them. He's called The Flash. And in our era of instant communications, he's more in step with the times than ever.

1. Pilot
2. Out of Control
3. Watching the Detectives
4. Honor Among Thieves
5. Double Vision
6. Sins of the Father
7. Child's Play
8. Shroud of Death
9. Ghost in the Machine
10. Sight Unseen
11. Beat the Clock
12. The Trickster
13. Tina, Is That You?
14. Be My Baby
15. Fast Forward
16. Deadly Nightshade
17. Captain Cold
18. Twin Streaks
19. Done with Mirrors
20. Good Night, Central City
21. Alpha
22. The Trial of the Trickster
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The Flash: The Complete Series
The Flash: The Complete Series
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