Babylon 5: The Gathering
Country of Origin:  United States
Production year: 1993
Director: Richard Compton
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 7-321900-163965
Running time: 1:31 (91 Min.)
Casetype: Snapper
Format: Color, 1.33:1, Full Frame
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Single-Layered
Released: April 08, 2002
Collection type: Owned (#10061)
Status: Available
Purchase date: June 16, 2003
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 0 / 10
Review (video): 0 / 10
A Dynamic Bill from One of TV's Most Unique Series Ever

200 years from now, mankind has reached the stars, colonised new worlds, contacted new races and fought new wars on the frontiers of known space. It is the dawn of a new age.

Babylon 5 is a space station in the late 23rd Century - a centre of diplomacy and trade, in neutral space located between many rival space empires.

The project's success, already shaky, is put further in doubt when incoming Commander Jeffrey Sinclair is the key suspect in the attempted assassination of Kosh, a mysterious alien ambassador.

The Gathering is the feature length pilot episode for the award-winning Bablylon 5 TV series.
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Babylon 5: The Gathering
Babylon 5: The Gathering
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Audio format
English  Dolby Digital Surround
Category: TV Show
Category: TV Show: Series completed
Category: TV Show: Series Special
Category: TV Show: Series Special: Pilot Episode
Kein Preis
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Verse: Babylon 5
Watchable Profile
Scene Access, Prod. Notes/Bios, DVD-ROM Content
Michael O'Hare....Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair
Tamlyn Tomita....Lt. Cmdr. Laurel Takashima
Jerry Doyle....Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan....Delenn
Blaire Baron....Carolyn Sykes
John Fleck....Del Varner
Paul Hampton....The Senator
Peter Jurasik....Londo Mollari
Andreas Katsulas....G'Kar
Johnny Sekka....Dr. Benjamin Kyle
Patricia Tallman....Lyta Alexander
Steven R. Barnett....Eric Hazeltine
Billy Hayes....Traveler
Linda Hoffman....Dome Tech #2
Robert Jason Jackson....Dome Tech #3
F. William Parker....Business Man #1
Marianne Robertson....Hostage
David Sage....Business Man #2
Ed Wasser....Guerra
Greg Aronowitz....Minbari Assassin (uncredited)
Ardwight Chamberlain....Kosh Naranek (uncredited, voice)
Haley McLane....the Computer (uncredited, voice)