The Mentalist: Season 7
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Released: July 20, 2015
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With serial killer Red John laid to rest, Patrick Jane is finally free to close the door on his past and plan for the future. A fresh start with the FBI solving top-security cases alongside former CBI agents Teresa Lisbon and Kimball Cho, new colleagues Jason Wylie and Michelle Vega, and boss Agent Dennis Abbott. And Jane's blossoming connection with Lisbon brings a deeper bond to the partners' already intimate and intense professional relationship. But when femme fatale Erica Flynn resurfaces from Jane's past and another sadistic serial killer appears on the scene, affairs of the heart take a backseat to survival. Cases are cold and hearts are warm in the final suspenseful episodes of this uncommonly intriguing series.

1. Nothing But Blue Skies
2. The Greybar Hotel
3. Orange Blossom Ice Cream
4. Black Market
5. The Silver Briefcase
6. Green Light
7. Little Yellow House
8. The Whites of His Eyes
9. Copper Bullet
10. Nothing Gold Can Stay
11. Byzantium
12. Brown Shag Carpet/White Orchids
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The Mentalist: Season 7
The Mentalist: Season 7
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