Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series
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Newly restored and meticulously re-mastered in brilliant high definition, Star Trek: The Next Generation™ still dazzles as a true milestone in TV history. Here are the breathtaking adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D presented in state-of-the-art Blu-ray™ format, with such thought-provoking episodes as "The Measure of a Man" and "The Inner Light"; the return of the Borg in "The Best of Both Worlds"; and the time-shattering confrontation between Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and the mysterious, god-like Q in the Hugo Award-winning series finale. Enjoy every memorable moment from the series that re-launched the Star Trek legacy for new “generations” to enjoy and experience – now presented in vivid, pristine high-definition!

For the first time ever, you can experience all 25 season one episodes in glorious 1080p high definition, with true high definition visual effects and English language digitally remastered 7.1 sound - or with the original audio. You'll witness new picture detail and depth and enjoy spectacular visual effects that have been painstakingly re-created from the original film elements... not upconverted from videotape! Join Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and the entire crew of the Enterprise on a voyage to the next generation... of Star Trek: The Next Generation™.

1. Encounter at Farpoint
2. The Naked Now
3. Code of Honor
4. The Last Outpost
5. Where No One Has Gone Before
6. Lonely Among Us
7. Justice
8. The Battle
9. Hide and Q
10. Haven
11. The Big Goodbye
12. Datalore
13. Angel One
14. 11001001
15. Too Short a Season
16. When the Bough Breaks
17. Home Soil
18. Coming of Age
19. Heart of Glory
20. The Arsenal of Freedom
21. Symbiosis
22. Skin of Evil
23. We'll Always Have Paris
24. Conspiracy
25. The Neutral Zone

Star Trek: The Next Generation™ Season Two returns to the final frontier at warp speed in brilliant 1080p high definition and digitally remastered English language 7.1 sound. Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) leads the crew of the Enterprise through a new season of new friends, new foes and amazing adventures. Introduced this year are Whoopi Goldberg as the mysterious Guinan - bartender of the Ten Forward lounge, Diana Muldaur as the ship's Chief Medical Officer Katherine Pulaski, and the deadly, unstoppable Borg. This voyage also explores powerful moments including Riker (Jonathan Frakes) serving on a Klingon ship, and Data (Brent Spiner) on trial for his life.

1. The Child
2. Where Silence Has Lease
3. Elementary, Dear Data
4. The Outrageous Okona
5. Loud as a Whisper
6. The Schizoid Man
7. Unnatural Selection
8. A Matter of Honor
9. The Measure of a Man
10. The Dauphin
11. Contagion
12. The Royale
13. Time Squared
14. The Icarus Factor
15. Pen Pals
16. Q Who?
17. Samaritan Snare
18. Up the Long Ladder
19. Manhunt
20. The Emissary
21. Peak Performance
22. Shades of Gray

Season Three of Star Trek: The Next Generation™ took televised science fiction storytelling to new heights. Now, on high definition Blu-ray™, the seminal season of this beloved series is more spectacular and compelling to watch than ever. Experience such thought-provoking episodes as "The Survivors", "Sins of the Father", "The Offspring" and one of the great cliffhangers in television history: Part One of "The Best of Both Worlds"... like never before, in glorious 1080p with English 7.1 sound.

1. Evolution
2. The Ensigns of Command
3. The Survivors
4. Who Watches the Watchers
5. The Bonding
6. Booby Trap
7. The Enemy
8. The Price
9. The Vengeance Factor
10. The Defector
11. The Hunted
12. The High Ground
13. Deja Q
14. A Matter of Perspective
15. Yesterday's Enterprise
16. The Offspring
17. Sins of the Father
18. Allegiance
19. Captain's Holiday
20. Tin Man
21. Hollow Pursuits
22. The Most Toys
23. Sarek
24. Ménage à Troi
25. Transfigurations
26. The Best of Both Worlds, Part I

Starting with Captain Picard's terrifying battle to escape from the inhuman Borg and culminating with the Klingon Empire on the brink of civil war in the series' historic 100th episode, you can now experience Season 4 and so much more on breathtaking Blu-ray™. This set features dazzling 1080p high definition picture with visual effects painstakingly re-created from original film elements, digitally remastered 7.1 sound (original broadcast audio also provided), and a wealth of newly produced, behind-the-scenes special features and never-before-released deleted scenes!

1. The Best of Both Worlds, Part II
2. Family
3. Brothers
4. Suddenly Human
5. Remember Me
6. Legacy
7. Reunion
8. Future Imperfect
9. Final Mission
10. The Loss
11. Data's Day
12. The Wounded
13. Devil's Due
14. Clues
15. First Contact
16. Galaxy's Child
17. Night Terrors
18. Identity Crisis
19. The Nth Degree
20. Qpid
21. The Drumhead
22. Half a Life
23. The Host
24. The Mind's Eye
25. In Theory
26. Redemption

Star Trek: The Next Generation® Season Five is simply stunning on Blu-ray™ with 1080p high-definition picture. Experience enhanced visual effects rebuilt from the original film elements and surround yourself with the digitally remastered 7.1 sound (or choose the original broadcast audio). In a season that garnered four Emmy® Awards*, you'll be plunged into the 24th century for some of the series' most thrilling moments, including Captain Picard's (Patrick Stewart) pursuit of the rogue Ambassador Spock (Leonard Nimoy) into enemy Romulan territory, and the return of Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) in "The First Duty." Also discover all-new never-before-seen special features as you join the USS Enterprise™ on the ultimate voyage.

*Winner: Costume Design, Makeup, Special Visual Effects

1. Redemption, Part II
2. Darmok
3. Ensign Ro
4. Silicon Avatar
5. Disaster
6. The Game
7. Unification
8. Unification, Part II
9. A Matter Of Time
10. New Ground
11. Hero Worship
12. Violations
13. The Masterpiece Society
14. Conundrum
15. Power Play
16. Ethics
17. The Outcast
18. Cause and Effect
19. The First Duty
20. Cost Of Living
21. The Perfect Mate
22. Imaginary Friend
23. I, Borg
24. The Next Phase
25. The Inner Light
26. Time's Arrow

Star Trek: The Next Generation® Season Six boldly goes where no one has gone before in 1080p high-definition Blu-ray™ and digitally remastered 7.1 audio. Discover new visual depths and enhanced special effects in unforgettable episodes that take the crew to strange new worlds. Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) endures a Cardassian torturer, Lt. Worf (Michael Dorn) uncovers a life-changing secret aboard the Starfleet station Deep Space Nine, and Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) rescues Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, (guest star James Doohan) from a 75-year transporter limbo.

Experience this and more, plus a trove of special features that unlock previously unrevealed secrets of the Star Trek® universe.

1. Time's Arrow, Part II
2. Realm of Fear
3. Man of the People
4. Relics
5. Schisms
6. True Q
7. Rascals
8. A Fistful of Datas
9. The Quality of Life
10. Chain of Command, Part I
11. Chain of Command, Part II
12. Ship in a Bottle
13. Aquiel
14. Face of the Enemy
15. Tapestry
16. Birthright, Part I
17. Birthright, Part II
18. Starship Mine
19. Lessons
20. The Chase
21. Frame of Mind
22. Suspicions
23. Rightful Heir
24. Second Chances
25. Timescape
26. Descent, Part I

The intergalactic voyage reaches infinite new depths in Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Seven. Featuring the crystal clarity 1080p high definition Blu-ray™, digitally remastered 7.1 sound, and effects rebuilt from the original elements, you'll experience the mission of the USS Enterprise™ like never before. In this Emmy®-nominated* final season, Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner) confronts an alliance between his sinister duplicate and the unstoppable Borg; Lt. Worf (Michael Dorn) guides his son in becoming a warrior; and Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) faces a time-shattering confrontation with the mysterious, god-like Q - in the landmark finale that won science fiction's prestigious Hugo Award. Plus, discover unexpected secrets of the universe with a rich array of special features.

*Primetime Emmy® Award Nominee: Outstanding Drama Series, 1994.

1. Descent, Part II
2. Liaisons
3. Interface
4. Gambit, Part I
5. Gambit, Part II
6. Phantasms
7. Dark Page
8. Attached
9. Force of Nature
10. Inheritance
11. Parallels
12. The Pegasus
13. Homeward
14. Sub Rosa
15. Lower Decks
16. Thine Own Self
17. Masks
18. Eye of the Beholder
19. Genesis
20. Journey's End
21. Firstborn
22. Bloodlines
23. Emergence
24. Preemptive Strike
25. All Good Things...
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Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series
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