The A-Team: Season 1
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Colonel John HANNIBAL Smith
He's the big brain behind the brawn, the master of the master plan, cooler than the underside of a pillow. The Colonel is a Vietnam veteran with more tricks up his sleeve than David Copperfield. Nicknamed 'Hannibal' after the famous Carthaginian commander, Smith is a straight -A student of war and forever "on the jazz" (ready for action).

Sergeant Bosco B.A. Baracus
Big, buffed and burly, B.A. earned his nickname in Vietnam for having a Bad Attitude. But while his temperature gauge may run hot, his heart always remains warm. Bejeweled and bedazzling, this one-of-a-kind fashion plate was the finest field infantry mechanic in the military. While he could probably invent a plane with playing cards and rubber bands, B.A. won't be earning frequent flyer miles anytime soon: the toughest of the tough is afraid of flying.

Captain Howlin' Mad MURDOCK
He's howlin' mad and he's not going to take it anymore! Yo-yoing between crazy and nuts, Murdock is nonetheless on friendly terms with all the voices in his head. An expert pilot who once flew missions over the battlefields of Vietnam, he now flies the friendly skies of The A-Team. Buckle up, you might be in for a bumpy ride!

Lieutenant Templeton FACE Peck
Born with a blindingly bright smile and too pretty to chance his looks in a fight, the Faceman learned to talk his way out of every sticky situation and into any woman's heart. Suave, smooth and a sensational scrounge, the Lieutenant is guaranteed to deliver the goods: from a nail gun to a nuclear warhead, the Face is your man when you're in a jam.

1. Mexican Slayride (Pilot) (Part 1)
2. Mexican Slayride (Pilot) (Part 2)
3. Children of Jamestown

4. Pros and Cons
5. A Small and Deadly War
6. Black Day at Black Rock

7. The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
8. The Out-of-Towners
9 . Holiday in the Hills

10. West Coast Turnaround
11. One More Time
12. Till Death Do Us Part

13. The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing
14. A Nice Place to Visit
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The A-Team: Season 1
The A-Team: Season 1
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