Sharpe: Season 1 - 5
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Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Goldeneye) is Sharpe, a troubled outsider, who following a heroic act of bravery, finds himself promoted to the rank of officer. In this definitive collection of the acclaimed drama, follow his breathtaking adventures commanding the King’s Rifles during the Napoleonic Wars.

This collection contains all 15 Sharpe adventures to date, covering all of Sharpe's battles, both personal and professional:
Sharpe's Rifles
Sharpe's Eagle
Sharpe's Company
Sharpe's Enemy
Sharpe's Honour
Sharpe's Gold
Sharpe's Battle
Sharpe's Sword
Sharpe's Regiment
Sharpe's Siege
Sharpe's Mission
Sharpe's Revenge
Sharpe's Justice
Sharpe's Waterloo
Sharpe The Legend
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Sharpe: Season 1 - 5
Sharpe: Season 1 - 5
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