Being Human: Season 1
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Mitchell, George and Annie are three seemingly normal flatmates struggling to keep their dark secrets from the world.

Good-looking and laid-back Mitchell (Aidan Turner) might have a way with the ladies – but he is also a blood-sucking vampire struggling with going cold-turkey from the blood he craves. Then, every time there is a full moon, his geeky hospital porter mate, George (Russell Tovey), starts turning into a flesh-hungary werewolf. And when the two outsiders move in together to live a 'normal' life, they find they have a resident ghost – recently deceased Annie (Lenora Crichlow), who is still pining for her living fiancé – the landlord of the flat.

And Being Human isn't easy – try holding down a career and keeping a girlfriend when there are unwelcome intruders in your supernatural life, strange stirrings in the vampire underworld and a constant threat of exposure.
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Being Human: Season 1
Being Human: Season 1
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