Chicago Fire: Season 6
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With the fate of several of the squad hanging in the balance, Season Six of Chicago Fire reignites in the blaze of uncertainty. As the brave firefighters, rescue squad and paramedics deal with the aftermath of each fire they face – more hot romances, pulse-pounding action and fiery drama unfold every step of the way. From Primetime Emmy® Award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf (Law & Order) comes all 23 explosive episodes presented back-to-back for uninterrupted viewing.

1. It Wasn't Enough
2. Ignite on Contact
3. An Even Bigger Surprise
4. A Breaking Point
5. Devil's Bargain
6. Down is Better
7. A Man's Legacy
8. The Whole Point of Being Roommates
9. Foul is Fair
10. Slamigan
11. Law of the Jungle
12. The F is For
13. Hiding Not Seeking
14. Looking for a Lifeline
15. The Chance to Forgive
16. The One that Matters the Most
17. Put White on Me
18. When They See Us Coming
19. Where I Want to Be
20. The Strongest Among Us
21. The Unrivaled Standard
22. One for the Ages
23. The Grand Gesture
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Chicago Fire: Season 6
Chicago Fire: Season 6
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