JAG: Season 10
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The hit military series JAG concludes its historic run with all 22 Season Ten episodes, on DVD for the first time! As the relationship between Harm (David James Elliott) and Mac (Catherine Bell) heats up, they make a startling announcement that shocks their friends. Meanwhile, Bud (Patrick Labyorteaux) adjusts to life as a father of four, while Sturgis Turner (Scott Lawrence) is named temporary Judge Advocate General – until Jennifer Coates (Zoe McLellan) announces the arrival of their new boss, a tough Marine who shakes up the entire office! The brave personnel of the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps have inspired audiences for years. Now they're back in court and back in action one last time – for more drama, more romance, and more surprises. A fitting final tribute to JAG!

1. Hail and Farewell (Part 2)
2. Corporate Raiders
3. Retrial
4. Whole New Ball Game
5. This Just in From Baghdad
6. One Big Boat
7. Camp Delta
8. There Goes the Neighborhood
9. The Man on the Bridge
10. The Four Percent Solution
11. Automatic for the People
12. The Sixth Juror
13. Heart of Darkness
14. Fit for Duty
15. Bridging the Gulf
16. Straits of Malacca
17. JAG: San Diego
18. Death at the Mosque
19. Two Towns
20. Unknown Soldier
21. Dream Team
22. Fair Winds and Following Seas
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JAG: Season 10
JAG: Season 10
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