Batman: The Animated Series: Season 1: Part 2
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Released: January 25, 2005
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Fight crime day and night alongside The Dark Knight with this deluxe 4-disc set packed with 28 heroic adventures from the acclaimed series! Filled with gripping plots, multidimensional characters and superb voice talent, this Emmy-winning series has defined Batman for legions of fans. Enjoy amazing encounters with Catwoman, duels with The Penguin, contests with The Riddler and of course, battles of wit with The Joker – plus Exclusive Extras from the minds that conceived this cutting-edge version of the classic hero! Grab your cape and swing into action with this quintessential Batman compilation!

1. Eternal Youth
2. Perchance to Dream
3. The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
4. Robin's Reckoning: Part 1
5. Robin's Reckoning: Part 2
6. The Laughing Fish
7. Night of the Ninja
8. Cat Scratch Fever
9. The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne
10. Heart of Steel: Part 1
11. Heart of Steel: Part 2
12. If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
13. Joker's Wild
14. Tyger, Tyger
15. Moon of the Wolf
16. Day of the Samurai
17. Terror in the Sky
18. Almost Got 'im
19. Birds of a Feather
20. What Is Reality?
21. I Am the Night
22. Off Balance
23. The Man Who Killed Batman
24. Mudslide
25. Paging the Crime Doctor
26. Zatanna
27. The Mechanic
28. Harley and Ivy
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Batman: The Animated Series: Season 1: Part 2
Batman: The Animated Series: Season 1: Part 2
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