Veronica Mars: Season 3
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Hearst College, jewel of the Pacific. A citadel of higher education set amid rolling lawns and swaying palms. But since Hearst is in Neptune, California - and since Veronica Mars is among its incoming freshmen - you know it's also a noir netherworld of lies, betrayal, secrets and (of course) murder.

Veronica, Logan and more of your VM favorites join cool new characters for a Season 3 of seething mystery and sardonic wit. College is indeed a learning experience as Veronica aces a crime class led by a hunky prof, solves the case of on-campus rapes that began in Season Two, and gives a grad seminar in sleuthing when two faculty members take sudden, eternal early retirements. Frosh year is gonna be freaky!

1. Welcome Wagon
2. My Big Fat Greek Rush Week
3. Wichita Linebacker
4. Charlie Don't Surf
5. President Evil
6. Hi, Infidelity
7. Of Vice and Men
8. Lord of the Pi's
9. Spit & Eggs
10. Show Me the Monkey
11. Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves
12. There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill
13. Postgame Mortem
14. Mars, Bars
15. Papa's Cabin
16. Un-American Graffiti
17. Debasement Tapes
18. I Know What You'll Do Next Summer
19. Weevils Wobble
20. The Bitch is Back
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Veronica Mars: Season 3
Veronica Mars: Season 3
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