Justified: Season 3
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Released: December 31, 2012
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In the nonstop, gunslinging third season of the highly acclaimed hit series, Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) must wield his brand of renegade justice against modern crime like never before. Surrounded by dirty politicians, drug cartels, murder frames, hidden fortunes and multiple criminal forces warring for control – including archenemies Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins, TV's The Shield) and Dickie Bennett (Jeremy Davies in his Emmy®-winning* role), a mystery man named "Limehouse," a lethal mob enforcer newly arrived from the Motor City and in a final shocking showdown, his own father – Givens finds himself in everyone's cross hairs.

*Winner, Emmy® for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series (2012)

1. The Gunfighter
2. Cut Ties
3. Harlan Roulette
4. The Devil Your Know
5. Thick As Mud
6. When The Guns Come Out
7. The Man Behind The Curtain
8. Watching The Detectives
9. Loose Ends
10. Guy Wlaks Into A Bar
11. Measures
12. Coalition
13. Slaughterhouse
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Justified: Season 3
Justified: Season 3
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