White Collar: Season 5
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Released: November 04, 2014
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Catch up with television's smartest, sexiest con-man-turned-crime-fighter before the final season! In White Collar's sizzling Season 5, $1.8 million in gold coins is missing, an elusive precious diamond is about to be found, and Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) has a new handler – and a new love interest. But all is fair in love and crime, and the closer Neal gets to the mysterious Rebbeca Lowe, the greater the danger for everyone in his life. Go behind the scenes of the electrifying show that also stars Tim DeKay, Tiffani Thiessen and Willie Garson with deleted scenes, commentary and other features only available on DVD!

1. At What Price
2. Out of the Frying Pan
3. One Last Stakeout
4. Controlling Interest
5. Master Plan
6. Ice Breaker
7. Quantico Closure
8. Digging Deeper
9. No Good Deed
10. Live Feed
11. Shot Through the Heart
12. Taking Stock
13. Diamond Exchange
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White Collar: Season 5
White Collar: Season 5
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