Leverage: Season 4
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Released: July 17, 2012
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The stakes have never been higher in this all-new season of LEVERAGE, the thrilling crime drama that puts you at the heart of the action. ACADEMY AWARD® Winner Timothy Hutton* returns as Nate Ford, now more determined than ever to fight injustice with the help of his elite team of crack con artists. Season Four pits them against formidable foes as they tackle their most challenging missions yet, including a harrowing journey to the rugged mountains of Alaska to help solve a disappearance – where one wrong step could be their last. And there are even more surprises in store, as the team makes an unnerving discovery...a culprit with a mysterious agenda has been spying on their activities.

*1980, Actor in a Supporting Role, Ordinary People

1. The Long Way Down Job
2. The 10 Li'l Grifters Job
3. The 15 Minutes Job
4. The Van Gogh Job
5. The Hot Potato Job
6. The Carnival Job
7. The Grave Danger Job
8. The Boiler Room Job
9. The Cross My Heart Job
10. The Queen's Gambit Job
11. The Experimental Job
12. The Office Job
13. The Girls' Night Out Job
14. The Boys' Night Out Job
15. The Lonely Hearts Job
16. The Gold Job
17. The Radio Job
18. The Last Dam Job
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Leverage: Season 4
Leverage: Season 4
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