Alien Nation: The Complete Series
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As Newcomers – fugitive slaves from the planet Tencton – Detective George Francisco and his family face prejudice and intolerance as they struggle to assimilate life on their adopted planet. Together with his human partner, hard-edged Detective Matt Sikes, George walks the beat in Slagtown, Los Angeles, a Newcomer slum teeming with vice and corruption. More than just another cop show or science fiction show, "Alien Nation" utilizes a unique and exciting blend of action, suspense, humor, and social drama to explore the sociology of what it means to be an outsider striving to fit in.

1. Alien Nation: The Movie, part 1 & 2
2. Fountain of Youth
3. Little Lost Lamb
4. Fifteen with Wanda
5. The Takeover
6. The First Cigar
7. Night of the Screams
8. Contact
9. Three to Tango
10. The Game
11. Chains of Love
12. The Red Room
13. The Spirit of '95
14. Generation to Generation
15. Eyewitness News
16. Partners
17. Real Men
18. Crossing the Line
19. Rebirth
20. Gimme, Gimme
21. The Touch
22. Green Eyes
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Alien Nation: The Complete Series
Alien Nation: The Complete Series
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