Night Court: Season 1
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Released: February 08, 2005
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They all come out at night. That's when you'll meet the weirdos, wannabes, lecherous fiends, nutballs and strange-os – and those are just the people in charge of Criminal Court, Part II, State of New York.

"I like him. He's nuts," a defendant says about judge Harold T. Stone. Magician/comic Harry Anderson portrays Stone, a man with a joy-buzzer sense of courtroom decorum and a gleeful enthusiasm for velvet-voiced scat singer Mel Torme. John Larroquette and Richard Moll, who would team with Anderson through the show's 1984-1992 run of law and disorder, are among the cast of this 13-episode Debut Season presented on 2 discs with a Loaded Docket of Extras. Night Court: it's where they'll try anything!

1. All You Need is Love
2. Santa Goes Downtown
3. The Former Harry Stone
4. Welcome Back, Momma
5. The Eye of the Beholder
6. Death Threat
7. Once in Love with Harry
8. Quadrangle of Love
9. Wonder Drugs
10. Some Like It Hot
11. Harry and the Rock Star
12. Bull's Baby
13. Hi Honey, I'm Home
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Night Court: Season 1
Night Court: Season 1
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