Justice League Unlimited: Season 3: Disc 1
Herkunftsland:  USA
Jahr: 2005
Regie: Joaquim Dos Santos, Dan Riba
Freigabe: NR(Television)
EAN, Land, Regionalcode: Manual DVD #503
Laufzeit: 1:09 (69 Min.)
Verpackungstyp: Box
Bildformat: Color, Breitbild, Vollbild
DVD-Format: Einseitig, Einschichtig
Veröffentlicht: 17. Oktober 2017
Sammlungstyp: Besitz (#14346)
Status: Verfügbar
Kaufdatum: 14. Dezember 2021
Kaufpreis: Versteckt
Bewertung Film: 0 / 10
Bewertung Video: 0 / 10
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl they have all used their unique powers to fight evil across the galaxy. These seven super heroes unite to become the Justice League. These adventures feature battles with favorite villains like Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage and sorceress Morgan Le Fey. Acts of justice include saving Aquaman from a coup and clearing Green Lantern's name in a charge of genocide. From the smash hit TV series, these triumphant tales of teamwork will enthrall and inspire! All 91 episodes from the Justice League Series available in a repackaged complete collection; over 30 hours of content.
Justice League Unlimited: Season 3: Disc 1
Justice League Unlimited: Season 3: Disc 1
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Englisch  Dolby Digital 5.1
Französisch  Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanisch  Dolby Digital 5.1
Category: Serie
Category: Serie: Season-Disc
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Verse: DC
Verse: DC: Batman
Verse: DC: DCAU
Verse: DC: Justice League
Verse: DC: Superman
Watchable Profile
 3.01 I Am Legion
George Newbern....Superman / Clark Kent (Stimme)
Maria Canals....Shayera Hol (Stimme)
Maria Canals....Fire / Beatriz da Costa (Stimme)
Maria Canals....Blackhawk Computer (Stimme)
Michael Rosenbaum....The Flash / Wally West (Stimme)
Michael Rosenbaum....Dr. Polaris / Neal Emerson (Stimme)
Michael Rosenbaum....Agent (Stimme)
Clancy Brown....Lex Luthor (Stimme)
Powers Boothe....Gorilla Grodd (Stimme)
Corey Burton....Brainiac (Stimme)
Corey Burton....The Key (Stimme)
Corey Burton....Uno (Stimme)
Corey Burton....Aztek (Stimme)
Scott Patterson....Agent King Faraday (Stimme)
Seymour Cassel....Chuck Sirianni (Stimme)
Takayo Fischer....Mairzey (Stimme)
 3.02 Shadow of the Hawk
Maria Canals....Shayera Hol (Stimme)
Kevin Conroy....Batman / Bruce Wayne (Stimme)
Phil LaMarr....Green Lantern / John Stewart (Stimme)
Phil LaMarr....Gorgon (Stimme)
James Remar....Hawkman / Carter Hall (Stimme)
James Remar....Shadow Thief (Stimme)
Gina Torres....Vixen / Mari McCabe (Stimme)
John DiMaggio....Dreamslayer (Stimme)
John DiMaggio....Alexi Nikolai (Stimme)
John DiMaggio....Lord Havok (Stimme)
 3.03 Chaos at the Earth's Core
Nicholle Tom....Supergirl / Kara Kent (Stimme)
Nicholle Tom....Shakira (Stimme)
Phil LaMarr....Green Lantern / John Stewart (Stimme)
Phil LaMarr....S.T.R.I.P.E. / Patrick Dugan (Stimme)
Phil LaMarr....Machiste (Stimme)
Giselle Loren....Stargirl / Courtney Whitmore (Stimme)
Paul Guilfoyle....The Warlord / Travis Morgan (Stimme)
Malcolm McDowell....Metallo / John Corben (Stimme)
Douglas Dunning....Deimos (Stimme)
Kim Mai Guest....Silver Banshee / Siobhan McDougal (Stimme)
Kim Mai Guest....Jennifer Morgan (Stimme)
Kim Mai Guest....Supergirl Fan (Stimme)
Nicholas Guest....Dino Trooper (Stimme)