Legends of Tomorrow: Season 6
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Season Six brings the Legends their most bizarre challenge yet. After a decadent night celebrating their victory over the Fates, they discover that Sara Lance has been abducted by aliens. Desperate to find her, Ava Sharpe sends Mick Rory and Behrad Tarazi to recruit a new Legend: a gun-totin' Texan with special powers named Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz. Elsewhere, Gary Green has been keeping a secret, Nate Heywood and Zari Tarazi must work together to avert a nuclear disaster, and an argument between John Constantine and Astra Logue leads to unforeseen consequences. Join the galaxy's wildest misfit heroes as they cross paths with David Bowie, Spartacus, Amelia Earhart, Fidel Castro and John F. Kennedy over 15 riveting episodes.

1. Ground Control to Sara Lance
2. Meat: The Legends
3. The Ex-Factor
4. Bay of Squids
5. The Satanist's Apprentice
6. Bishop's Gambit
7. Back to the Finale: Part II
8. Stressed Western
9. This Is Gus
10. Bad Blood
11. The Final Frame
12. Bored on Board Onboard
13. Silence of the Sonograms
14. There Will Be Brood
15. The Fungus Amongus
Legends of Tomorrow: Season 6
Legends of Tomorrow: Season 6
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