Legends of Tomorrow: Season 5
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After saving the world in Season Four, our misfit heroes are now major celebrities. Some struggle in their new roles as A-listers. Others let fame go to their heads and invite a documentary film crew on board the Waverider for a dangerous mission. While the Legends investigate a new timeline blip, Astra Logue frees some of the world's most notorious villains from Hell. Now it's up to Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, shape-shifter Charlie, Zari Tarazi, Ava Sharpe, Nora Darhk, Nate Heywood, Mick Rory and John Constantine to forget about stardom and stop these reanimated souls, aka Encores, from wreaking havoc with history. Season Five's 15 fast-action, funny and fight-filled episodes include some of civilization's worst baddies, including Rasputin (fresh from his coffin); Marie Antoinette (and her scandalous head); and the master of disaster, Genghis Khan.

1. Meet the Legends
2. Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me
3. Slay Anything
4. A Head of Her Time
5. Mortal Khanbat
6. Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac
7. Romeo v Juliet: Dawn of Justness
8. Zari, Not Zari
9. The Great British Fake Off
10. Ship Broken
11. Freaks and Greeks
12. I Am Legends
13. The One Where We're Trapped on TV
14. Swan Thong
Legends of Tomorrow: Season 5
Legends of Tomorrow: Season 5
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Making Of, Entfernte Szenen, Outtakes, Digital Copy, 5-Part Super Hero Crossover Event