Agentin mit Herz: Season 1
Originaltitel: Scarecrow And Mrs. King: Season 1
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Goodbye, PTA...hello, foreign intrigue! Single mom Amanda King leads a quiet suburban life in Washington, D.C., until the day a dashing stranger shoves a package in her hands with instructions to give it to the man in the red hat. In no time, Amanda is dodging bullets, foiling assassination plots – and finding herself drawn to the dashing stranger, agent Lee Stetson, aka Scarecrow. Of course, Scarecrow has no interest in a ditsy amateur spy, no matter how pretty. But she certainly is handy in a crisis! Share the Season One fun with stars Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner in this fast-paced 5-Disc, 21-Episode Set of the lighthearted series that proves laughs and romance are powerful weapons in the battle to protect national security.

Episode list:
1. The First Time
2. There Goes the Neighborhood
3. If Thoughts Could Kill
4. Magic Bus
5. The ACM Kid
6. Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
7. Service Above and Beyond
8. Saved by the Bells
9. Sudden Death
10. The Long Christmas Eve
11. Remembrance of Things Past
12. Lost and Found
13. I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been...a Spy
14. Dead Ringer
15. The Mole
16. Savior
17. The Artful Dodger
18. Filming Raul
19. Fearless Dotty
20. Weekend
21. Waiting for Godorsky
Agentin mit Herz: Season 1
Agentin mit Herz: Season 1
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