Meine wilden Töchter: Season 1
Originaltitel: 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter: Season 1
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Legendary sitcom stars John Ritter And Katey Sagal team up in 8 Simple Rules, ABC's hit family comedy that is laugh-out-loud funny.

"If you make my daughter cry, I'll make you cry." That is the rallying cry of Paul Hennessy. A little rusty in the parenting department, Paul is forced to meet fatherhood head-on when his wife Cate returns to work. Two teenage daughters and a wisecracking son make Paul's new situation daunting but never dull.

Cybill Shepherd, Jason Priestley and Terry Bradshaw are just some of the guest stars joining the fun in Season One. Experience all 28 episodes, plus exclusive bonus features, including a hilarious bonus reel, in this sensational 3-disc set.

1. Pilot
2. Wall of Shame
3. Bridget's First Job
4. Wings
5. Son-in-Law
6. Cheerleader
7. Trick or Treehouse
8. By the Book
9. Two Boys for Every Girl
10. Give It Up
11. Paul Meets His Match
12. All I Want for Christmas
13. Rory's Got a Girlfriend
14. Career Choices
15. Kerry's Big Adventure
16. Come and Knock on Our Door
17. Drummer Boy, Part I
18. Drummer Boy, Part II
19. Cool Parent
20. Every Picture Tells a Story
21. Kerry's Video
22. Good Moms Gone Wild
23. Career Woman
24. Queen Bees and King Bees
25. Bake Sale
26. The Doyle Wedding
27. Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman, Part I
28. Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman, Part II
Meine wilden Töchter: Season 1
Meine wilden Töchter: Season 1
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