Dragonball: Season 4
Originaltitel: Doragon bôru: Kanzen'na shirizu: Part 4
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Goku's headed for a showdown with a sinister green fiend!

A new breed of evil - more powerful than anything ever experienced - is taking the world's greatest martial artists down for the count. Goku is quick to join the fight, but he's about to meet his match in the form of King Piccolo. This menacing monster has the power to pulverize the planet, and his murderous rampage will not stop until he controls the power of the seven magic Dragon Balls.

When Krillin is the first hero cut down by the monster's minion, the stage is set for a brutal grudge match between Goku and Piccolo. Earth's greatest champion vows to avenge the loss of his best friend, but first, he must journey to Korin Tower on a quest for the Ultra Divine Water: a magical elixir that could give him the strength to save humanity - or send him straight to the grave!

93. Tien Shinhan Versus Jacky Chun
94. Stepping Down
95. Goku Versus Krillin
96. Tail's Tale
97. Final Match: Goku Versus Tien
98. Victory's Edge
99. Tien's Insurrection
100. The Spirit Cannon
101. The Fallen
102. Enter King Piccolo
103. Tambourine Attacks!
104. Mark Of The Demon
105. Here Comes Yajirobe
106. Terrible Tambourine
107. Tien's Atonement
108. Goku's Revenge
109. Goku Versus King Piccolo
110. Piccolo Closes In
111. Roshi's Gambit
112. King Piccolo's Wish
113. Siege On Chow Castle
114. Conquest And Power
115. Awaken Darkness
116. A Taste Of Destiny
117. The Ultimate Sacrifice
118. Prelude To Vengeance
119. Battle Cry
120. Goku Strikes Back
121. The Biggest Crisis
122. Final Showdown
Dragonball: Season 4
Dragonball: Season 4
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