Dragonball: Season 3
Originaltitel: Doragon bôru: Kanzen'na shirizu: Part 3
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Gobu Journeys far and wide to test his strength against the best of the best!

Driven by his promise to a heartbroken young boy, Goku completes his training under Master Korin and prepares for a brutal rematch with Mercenary Tao! The battle rages on as the powerful warriors trade blows in a furious flurry of Dodon Rays and Kamehameha Waves. A victory for Goku spells the end for Tao and could hasten the downfall of the Red Ribbon Army!

Even if the little man succeeds in ending Commander Red's reign of terror, he must still locate the final Dragon Ball in order to summon Shenron and resurrect Bora. To complete his quest, Goku must beat a fortune teller at her own game; slam the door on Demon Land; tame the dread InoShikaCho, and survive a beating from a masked dead man. His journey will be filled with danger, but with each victory, Goko gains the strenght needed to emerge victorious from the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament!

62. Sacred Water
63. The Return Of Goku
64. The Last Of Mercenary Tao
65. Confront The Red Ribbon Army
66. A Real Bind
67. The End Of Commander Red
68. The Last Dragon Ball
69. Who Is Fortuneteller Baba?
70. We Are The Five Warriors
71. Deadly Battle
72. Goku's Turn
73. The Devilmite Beam
74. The Mysterious Fifth Man
75. The Strong Ones
76. True Colors Of The Masked Man
77. Pilaf's Tactics
78. The Eternal Dragon Rises
79. Terror And Plague
80. Goku Versus Sky Dragon
81. Goku Goes To Demon Land
82. The Rampage Of InoShikaCho
83. Which Way To Papaya Island?
84. Rivals And Arrivals
85. Preliminary Peril
86. Then There Were Eight
87. Yamcha Versus Tien
88. Yamcha's Big Break
89. Full-Moon Vengeance
90. The Dodon Wave
91. Counting Controversy!!
92. Goku Enters The Ring
Dragonball: Season 3
Dragonball: Season 3
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