Dragonball: Season 1
Originaltitel: Doragon bôru: Kanzen'na shirizu: Part 1
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The greatest adventure of all time BEGINS NOW!

Goku may be small, but this fearless warrior packs a punch as powerful as any on the planet. Left alone after his grandfather's death, this unusual boy is happy to spend his days hunting and eating and eating some more, But all that changes on the day he meets Bulma - a Bossy, blue-haired beauty with boys on the brain. Together, they set out to track down the seven magic Dragon Balls and make the wish that will change their lives forever.

And that's just the beginning! Goku also spends some time on Turtle Island where he and Krillin study martial arts under the legendary Master Roshi. The old hermit may not look like much, but if his new pupils can find him a woman, he'll make sure they're ready to rumble at the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament!

Season One of Dragon Ball is a must-have for everyone from the die-hard fan to the next generation of collectors.

1. Secret Of The Dragon Ball
2. The Emperor's Quest
3. The Nimbus Cloud Of Roshi
4. Oolong The Terrible
5. Yamcha The Desert Bandit
6. Keep An Eye On The Dragon Balls
7. The Ox-King On Fire Mountain
8. The Kamehameha Wave
9. Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch
10. The Dragon Balls Are Stolen
11. The Penalty Is Pinball
12. A Wish To The Eternal Dragon
13. The Legend Of Goku
14. Goku's Rival
15. Look Out For Launch
16. Find That Stone!
17. Milk Delivery
18. The Turtle Hermit Way
19. The Tournament Begins
20. Elimination Round
21. Smells Like Trouble
22. Quarterfinals Begin
23. Monster Beast Giran
24. Krillin's Frantic Attack!
25. Danger From Above
26. The Grand Finals
27. Number One Under The Moon?
28. The Final Blow
29. The Roaming Lake
30. Pilaf And The Mystery Force
31. Wedding Plans?
Dragonball: Season 1
Dragonball: Season 1
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