Dr. House: Season 4
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Prepare for even more baffling, complex and shocking medical mysteries than ever before as every season four episode of House arrives on DVD! Reunite with the preplexing and prickly Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie in his two-time Golden Globe®-winning role) as he tackles impossible cases while putting a new staff of potential team members - including Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar Get The Munchies), Peter Jacobson (The Starter Wife), and Olivia Wilde (The Black Donnellys) - through the medical wringer with his trademark sarcasm and irreverent bedside manner. Get ready for another dose of one of TV's most original dramas.

Episode List:
1. Alone
2. The Right Stuff
3. 97 Seconds
4. Guardian Angels
5. Mirror, Mirror
6. Whatever It Takes
7. Ugly
8. You Don't Want to Know
9. Games
10. It's a Wonderful Lie
11. Frozen
12. Don't Ever Change
13. No More Mr. Nice Guy
14. Living the Dream
15. House's Head
16. Wilson's Heart
Dr. House: Season 4
Dr. House: Season 4
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