Dr. House: Season 3
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Two-time Golden Globe® winner and Primetime Emmy® Award nominee Hugh Laurie is back making "House" calls in all 24 engaging episodes of this hit medical series! Dr. Gregory House (Laurie) still has the most unapologetically prickly bedside manner ever, but his genius for solving medical mysteries other practitioners can't has earned him the respect of his team. In this provocative and compelling season, House's unpredictable cases - from killer germs to killer secrets - strain his already tenuous relationship with his co-workers and put his own health at risk. Take the doctor's orders: make House: Season Three a habit!

Episode List:
1. Meaning
2. Cane & Able
3. Informed Consent
4. Lines in the Sand
5. Fools for Love
6. Que Será Será
7. Son of Coma Guy
8. Whac-A-Mole
9. Finding Judas
10. Merry Little Christmas
11. Words and Deeds
12. One Day, One Room
13. Needle in a Haystack
14. Insensitive
15. Half-Wit
16. Top Secret
17. Fetal Position
18. Airborne
19. Act Your Age
20. House Training
21. Family
22. Resignation
23. The Jerk
24. Human Error
Dr. House: Season 3
Dr. House: Season 3
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