How I Met Your Mother: Season 9
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Suit up and give one last high-five for the legen-wait for it-dary final season of How I Met Your Mother. Surprising answers to hilarious questions will be revealed during one epic wedding weekend. Can Marshall complete a cross-country road trip and make it to the ceremony? Will Robin and Barney really tie the knot? Is Lily hiding a shocking secret? Will Ted finally meet the mother of his children...and is she truly "the one"? It all builds to a climactic two-part series finale, leading to one of the most talked about endings in TV history.

1. The Locket
2. Coming Back
3. Last Time in New York
4. The Broken Code
5. The Poker Game
6. Knight Vision
7. No Questions Asked
8. The Lighthouse
9. Platonish
10. Mom and Dad
11. Bedtime Stories
12. The Rehearsal Dinner
13. Bass Player Wanted
14. Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra
15. Unpause
16. How Your Mother Met Me
17. Sunrise
18. Rally
19. Vesuvius
20. Daisy
21. Gary Blauman
22. The End of the Aisle
23. Last Forever: Part 1
24. Last Forever: Part 2
How I Met Your Mother: Season 9
How I Met Your Mother: Season 9
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