Dexter: Season 2
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DEXTER™ is back! The critically acliamed and groundbreaking original series from SHOWTIME starring Michael C. Hall, returns on DVD with all 12 riveting and chilling episodes in DEXTER™-THE SECOND SEASON. Although commited to carrying out his twisted brand and vigilante justice, Dexter begins to doubt his murderous capabilities and continues to be haunted by his tortured past. His difficulties multiply when evidence of his deadly after-hours activities begin to surface and the FBI is brought in to investigate the city's new serial killer dubbed the "Bay Harbor Butcher." Dexter can't pause for a breath as the noose tightens and the questions keep mounting. Will he be able to continue his serial-killing ways? Or will dexter's dark past finally be uncovered?

Episode List:
1. It's Alive!
2. Waiting to Exhale
3. An Inconvenient Lie
4. See-Through
5. The Dark Defender
6. Dex, Lies, and Videotape
7. That Night, A Forest Grew
8. Morning Comes
9. Resistance Is Futile
10. There's Something About Harry
11. Left Turn Ahead
12. The British Invasion
Dexter: Season 2
Dexter: Season 2
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