The Quest: Das Geheimnis der Königskammer
Originaltitel: The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines
Herkunftsland:  USA
Jahr: 2006
Regisseur: Jonathan Frakes
Freigabe: Freigabe
EAN, Land, Regionalcode: 5-014138-306731
Laufzeit: 1:28 (88 Min.)
Verpackungstyp: Keep Case
Bildformat: Color, 1.78:1 Anamorph Breitbild
DVD-Format: Einseitig, Einschichtig
Veröffentlicht: 08. Oktober 2007
Sammlungstyp: Besitz (#511)
Status: Verfügbar
Kaufdatum: 17. November 2009
Kaufpreis: Versteckt
Bewertung Film: 0 / 10
Bewertung Video: 0 / 10
'Noah Wyle, Jane Curtin, Olympia Dukakis and Bob Newhart return for another high-flying adventure in this second instalment to The Librarian trilogy, with Gabrielle Anwar joining the action this time around.'

Flynn Carsen has settled comfortably into his position as a Librarian, enjoying the countless adventures he's been on since being chosen to collect and maintain priceless historical artefacts from around the world. Sure, his mother still tries endlessly to set him up on blind dates, intent on seeing her baby boy settle down with a nice girl, but scholarly Flynn is much too passionate about his work to have time for a real relationship.

When Flynn is sent an ancient Egyptian scroll in the mail, he is shocked to discover it to be the secret map to King Solomon's mines - a legendary labyrinth where the king kept his most prized possessions and among the fabled treasure trove, an ancient book, known as the the Key of Solomon, rumoured to hold the power to control the underworld and to bend space and time.

When the scroll is suddenly stolen, Flynn knows the world would be in terrible danger if the Key were to fall into the wrong hands. So he sets out on a dangerous mission that takes him through the vast plains of the African Gedi province to murky swamplands where ravenous hippos attack from every side and deep into the underground lava chasms filled with the howling ghosts of ancient kings.
The Quest: Das Geheimnis der Königskammer
The Quest: Das Geheimnis der Königskammer
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Englisch  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
Category: Film
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Watchable Profile
Szenenanwahl, Trailer
Noah Wyle....Flynn Carsen
Gabrielle Anwar....Emily Davenport
Bob Newhart....Judson
Jane Curtin....Charlene
Olympia Dukakis....Margie Carsen
Erick Avari....General Samir
Hakeem Kae-Kazim....Jomo
Robert Foxworth....Uncle Jerry
Zahn McClarnon....Tommy Yellow Hawk
Lisa Brenner....Debra
Jonathan Frakes....Debra's Husband
Peter Butler....Ahjmed
Tertius Meintjies....Rogan
David Ackermann....Arthur Dawson
Mehboob Bawa....Moroccan Taxi Driver
Raffaele Sabatini....Basim
Marisa Sarfatti....Rose Edwards
Claire Hill Collins....Samir Thug #1
Anton Voster....Samir Thug #2
Richard Thompson....Samir Thug #3
Vernon Willemse....Samir Thug #4
Tamsin MacCarthy....Young Margie (uncredited)