Leverage: Season 3
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The expert con artists of TNT's hit crime drama LEVERAGE are back for an all-new season of complex heists and high-stakes action.

With the team's leaderNate Ford (Academy Award winner* Timothy Hutton) now behind bars and his nemesis working for interpol, a beautiful but mysterious stranger steps in to call the shots for TV's hottest gang of master thieves. Season Three of this action-packed series starts off with a bang as the teammates devise schemes to free Nate from prison, expose a trafficker's child slave-labor ring, and infiltrate a Department of Defense research lab to take down international terrorists. These tech-savvy grifters are highly skilled and ready to settle scores with the criminal underworld. It's time to take things to the next level.

This 4-disc DVD set of LEVERAGE: The 3rd Season includes 16 exciting episodes and special behind-the-scenes features.

*1980 Best Supporting Actor: Ordinary People.

1. The Jailhouse Job
2. The Reunion Job
3. The Inside Job
4. The Scheherazade Job
5. The Double-Blind Job
6. The Studio Job
7. The Gone-Fishin' Job
8. The Boost Job
9. The Three-Card Monte Job
10. The Underground Job
11. The Rashomon Job
12. The King George Job
13. The Morning After Job
14. The Ho Ho Ho Job
15. The Big Bang Job
16. The San Lorenzo Job
Leverage: Season 3
Leverage: Season 3
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