JAG: Season 7
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The hit series JAG returns will all 24 explosvie episodes from its Seventh Season, on DVD for the first time ever! This season, Judge Advocate General lawyers "Harm" Rabb (David James Elliott) and "Mac" MacKenzie (Catherine Bell) both find themselves single again, as they re-explore their relationship while on missions in the Indian Ocean and in post-9/11 Afghanistan. And as Admiral Chegwidden (John M. Jackson) welcomes new attorney Sturgis Turner (Scott Lawrence) to the team, Bud (Patrick Labyorteaux) and Harriet (Karri Turner) must adjust to Bud being deployed during a time of war, leading to a shocking season finale. Get Ready -- it's going to be another wild ride Aborad JAG !


1. Adrift (Part 2)
2. New Gun in Town
3. Measure of Men
4. Guilt
5. Mixed Messages
6. Redemption
7. Ambush
8. JAGathon
9. Dog Robber (Part 1)
10. Dog Robber (Part 2)
11. Answered Prayers
12. Capital Crime
13. Code of Conduct
14. Odd Man Out
15. Head to Toe
16. The Mission
17. Exculpatory Evidence
18. Hero Worship
19. First Casualty
20. Port Chicago
21. Tribunal
22. Defending His Honor
23. In Country
24. Enemy Below
JAG: Season 7
JAG: Season 7
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