Superman: Die kompletten Kino-Serials
Originaltitel: Superman: The Complete Theatrical Serials
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Kirk Alyn sets the heroic standard for generations to come, portraying 'Superman' in these fun multichapter cliffhanger adventures. The 15-chapter 'Superman' (1948) spans our hero's first arrival on Earth to his alter-ego role as reporter Clark Kent of the Daily Planet (where Noel Neill portrays Lois Lane) through his batle with sinister Spider Lady and her relativity reducer ray. Next, while the real world faced the dawn of the nuclear age, our caped hero faced that menace and more in the 15-part 'Atom Man vs. Superman' (1950). Is Lex Luthor behind the UFO and A-bomb that imperil Metropolis? 'Naah'. He says he's just a simple repairman for those new devices called televisions!

Disc 1: Superman. Episodes 1 to 10
• Superman Comes to Earth
• Depths of the Earth
• Teh Reducer Ray
• Man of Steel
• A Job for Superman!
• Superman in Danger!
• Into the Electric Furnace!
• Superman to the Rescue
• Irresistible Force!
• Between Two Fires

Disc 2: Superman. Episodes 11 to 15
• Superman's Dilemma
• Blast in the Depths
• Hurled to Destruction
• Superman at Bay
• The Payoff

Disc 3: Atom Man vs. Superman. Episodes 1 to 9
• Superman Flies Again
• Atom Man Appears!
• Ablaze in the Sky!
• Superman Meets Atom Man!
• Atom Man Tricks Superman
• Atom Man's Challenge
• At the Mercy of Atom Man!
• Into the Empty Doom!
• Superman Crashes Through

Disc 4: Atom Man vs. Superman. Episodes 10 to 15
• Atom Man's Heat Ray
• Luthor's Strategy
• Atom Man Strikes!
• Atom Man's Flying Saucers
• Rocket of Vengeance
• Superman Saves the Universe
Superman: Die kompletten Kino-Serials
Superman: Die kompletten Kino-Serials
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