Adventures of Superman: Season 1
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The first superhero created for comic books, SUPERMAN leaped from radio to television when Adventures of Superman debuted in 1952. Produced by Robert J. Maxwell (who also produced the radio version) and Bernard Luber (a veteran of Hollywood serials), each First Season Episode screens like a classic crime movie, where danger and death lurk in the shadows. Working with some of the industry's best character actors, George Reeves plays the MAN OF STEEL with a genuineness that captivates viewers of all ages. Now, enjoy this legendary series as never before, digitally mastered from original film elements, in a soaring DELUXE 5-DISC SET WITH EXCITING EXTRAS.
- Allan Asherman, DC Comics Historian

1. Superman on Earth
2. The Haunted Lighthouse
3. The Talkative Dummy
4. The Mystery of the Broken Statues
5. The Monkey Mystery
6. A Night of Terror
7. The Birthday Letter
8. The Mind Machine
9. Rescue
10. The Secret of Superman
11. No Holds Barred
12. The Deserted Village
13. The Stolen Costume
14. Treasure of the Incas
15. Double Trouble
16. Mystery in Wax
17. Runaway Robot
18. Drums of Death
19. The Evil Three
20. Riddle of the Chinese Jade
21. The Human Bomb
22. Czar of the Underworld
23. The Ghost Wolf
24. The Crime Wave
25. The Unknown People Part 1
26. The Unknown People Part 2
Adventures of Superman: Season 1
Adventures of Superman: Season 1
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