What is CSV Export?

This plug-in is meant to replace the CSV Export feature found in DVDProfiler 2.4 and earlier versions.

Terms of Use

This software is Copyright (c) 2007 Mark Harrison. All rights reserved.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to use and redistribute this software in unmodified form, for non-commercial purposes, and provided that any use or redistribution retains or reproduces, in the documentation and/or other materials, the copyright notice above, this permission and the following disclaimer.


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How to Install

  1. Download CSVExport-2.1.zip and extract it to a folder.
  2. Run the Setup.exe program.


Version 2.1

Country Of Origin now lists South Korea instead of Korea and adds Iran, Romania and Russia.

Version 2.0

Added new fields to export

  • Rating System
  • Rating Description
  • Count As
  • Media Companies
  • Tags (first, last, full)
  • Currency Type
  • Profile ID
  • Cover art location for front cover
  • Cover art location for back cover
  • Audio tracks
  • Blu-ray regions
  • Genre 4
  • Genre 5
  • Blank column (for spacing reasons)

Ratings work again and are now correct based on locality.

Renamed "MPAA Rating" to "Rating".

Renamed "Mfr.'s Suggested Retail Price" to "Suggested Retail Price".

Added ability to use something other than comma and period.

Added support for custom genres, media types and collection categories.

Fixed Due Back From Loan Date.

Version 1.4

Country of Origin now includes Philippines, Ireland, and Estonia.

Version 1.3

Added new fields to export

  • Localities

Version 1.2

Added new fields to export

  • Notes
  • Last Watched - Date
  • Last Watched - User
  • Times Watched
  • All Watched - Dates
  • All Watched - Users

Renamed "Profile ID" to "UPC".

Fixed problem with profiles not being exported with certain combinations of output fields

Fixed problem with Data Alignment getting stuck on Multiple Rows and not outputting data

Version 1.1

Added new fields to export:

  • Composer #1 & Composer #2
  • Description - Side A & Description Side B
  • Disc ID - Side A & Disc ID - Side B
  • Dual Layered - Side A & Dual Layered - Side B
  • Label - Side A & Label - Side B
  • Location & Slot
  • Overview

Fixed problem with quotes in the Title field

Version 1.0

Original Release